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Astaneh Construction is pleased to announce that they have added a new feature to their website. “Kitchen Renovation Cost Calculator” is an online tool that homeowners can use to get an estimate on how much the renovation project would cost for a partial or full kitchen remodel. The estimate includes the cost of installing new cabinets, replacing the old ones, new countertops, new appliances and fixtures, plumbing and skin upgrades, flooring, and ceiling, wall painting, etc. The calculator is pretty much simple and homeowners have to fill in a detailed online form starting with the total area of the kitchen and whether it needs demolition or needs painting. The form also offers details such as flooring material, type of kitchen cabinets, materials for countertops, etc.

Kitchen Renovations in Toronto

Astaneh Construction is one of the leaders in kitchen renovations and is known for its top-notch solutions that convert a kitchen into a more functional, spacious, and most areas in the home. Customers are always made an integral part of the process. Their ideas and requirements always take the top priority. The design experts at Astaneh offer their inputs to make the kitchen renovation stand out and they see that their clients are not just satisfied but are happy with the overall services. The main objective is to use every inch in the kitchen and create the perfect layout as per the usage. The team also helps customers select the best appliances to improve their functionality.

Home renovation can be very tough on the homeowners especially with the costs involved in demolishing and reconstruction. It is always a wise choice to take a professional construction company’s help to get everything done as planned and within the budget. Astaneh Construction offers any renovation in Toronto with extraordinary remodeling designs which surpass the clients’ expectations. The team helps their clients save money by offering cost-effective solutions combined with industry-best materials.

Home renovation Toronto

Astaneh Construction also provides Project Management services with top-notch renovation, design, and planning services for residential, commercial, retail, and mixed-use sectors in Greater Toronto. The engineering and infrastructure construction are also covered as part of the project management services. Every home renovation and kitchen renovation is treated as a different project. This offers exclusivity to the customers and challenges the design experts to outperform their own standards with every single project. From full construction to basement renovation, bathroom renovation to any renovation in Toronto, Astaneh is the one-stop destination for all things renovation. It doesn’t end there. The company also offers debris removal, floor washing, and cleaning post-renovation and during the construction to keep the area safe for the ongoing jobs.

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Astaneh Construction offers a kitchen, bathroom, full home, basement, and any renovation in Toronto. The company is backed by a team of qualified, experienced, and creative residential and commercial renovation teams who use groundbreaking technologies to bring the dream space to life.


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