IPL 2022 New Team List | Two New IPL Teams to be Auctioned l Breaking News

IPL 2022 New Team List | Two New IPL Teams 2022

IPL 2022 New Team List

Cities that can become new IPL Franchise In IPL 2022:

As all we knew that till the year 2021 there are 8 teams/franchises in Indian Premier League better known as IPL. But rumors says that there is a discussion going on to add extra 2 teams in the next edition of IPL in 2022. According to the experts, BCCI will add some new franchise next year in IPL 2022 to experience more excitement in the tournament. Till the year 2021 there are 3 teams from south i.e. Royal Challenger Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad 2 teams from west Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals, 2 teams from north i.e. Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings, 1 team from east i.e. Kolkata Knight Riders. So in addition to adopt new teams which cities should be considered in IPL 2022 let’s find out.

1. West Zone | IPL 2022 New Team List

A. Ahmedabad

From West Zone the front-runner of the race is Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the capital of Gujarat with the population of over 80 Million and world’s largest cricket stadium Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium with seating capacity over 132,000 is one of the best advantage to become 9th franchise of IPL 2022. Suggested names Ahmedabad 11, Ahmedabad Lions, Ahmedabad Kings, Ahmedabad Warriors etc.  

B. Nagpur

2nd city to be considered is Nagpur, Nagpur has its stadium of capacity over 45,000 and there were matches played here during world cup will be enough for league. The  representor of the Nagpur is Vidharbha Cricket Association, but besides all these faculties there are also some drawbacks here like the stadium is away from city, the road connects stadium to city found blocked sometime. The pitch is here not so good due to lack of maintenance etc. Suggested team names Nagpur 11, Nagpur Kings, Nagpur Warriors, Nagpur Breath Breakers.

C. Rajkot

Rajkot represented by Saurastra  Association  had franchise known as Gujrat Lions in 8th and 9th edition of IPL. The capacity of the stadium is 28,000 and the domestic team is also one of the best playing team. Population of the state as you know is over 80 Million, but due to Narendra Modi Cricket stadium in Ahmedabad is a better choice it doesn’t seem Rajkot will make as franchise in IPL 2022. Suggested team names Rajkot 11, Rajkot Warriors, Rajkot Kings.

2. East Zone | IPL 2022 New Team List

IPL 2022 New Team List

A. Ranchi

Ranchi has Jharkhand State Cricket Association Stadium, it has seating capacity of 50,000 and population of the state is 40 Million. Also, the population of city is  1.5 Million had hosted IPL once but has issues like other infrastructures like hotels. The hotels here have not international facilities and low space problems go against Ranchi. Suggested team names Ranchi Pirates 11, Jharkhand Kings, Jharkhand Warriors, Ranchi Blasters.

B. Guwahati

Represented by Barsapara Cricket Stadium, it has seating capacity 40,000 and the population of the state is 3.5 Million. The entire North-East attracts towards Guwahati, so it’s a great opportunity for fans here, but the thing to go against them is communication problem. The flights are very less here and much time taking. Possible team names Guwahati 11, Guwahati Kings, Guwahati Warriors and Guwahati Spartanz. 

C. Cuttack

Odisha with population over 7 Million and stadium at Cuttack named Barabati is also a contender for franchise. The capacity of the stadium is 45,000 but as it is not in BBSR, so there is hotel problems and the stadium itself is a multipurpose ground not owned by particular someone. Possible team names Utkal 11, Odisha Paikas, Odisha Kings, Odisha Gajapatis.

3. Centre-Zone | IPL 2022 New Team List

A. Lucknow

The front-runner of central zone is Lucknow represented by Ekana International Cricket Stadium with capacity over 50,000 and city population over 30 Million is a great for fan attraction. The communication and hotel faculties are also great here compared to Kanpur, so it has potential and facilities which make it’s a good contender for franchise in IPL 2022. Suggested names Lucknow 11, Lucknow Kings, Lucknow Warriors.

B. Indore

Indore with it’s Holkar cricket stadium which has capacity over 30,000 and state population 80 Million is also a good contender. It has hosted IPL once in a previous edition and attracts a good sports loving crowd. Possible team names Indore 11, Indore Warriors, Indore Kings.

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