Check Out IPL 2021 Schedule l Who Will Be The Champion In IPL 2021?

About IPL 2021 Schedules

 you know that due to the global pandemic effect on India the BCCI has decided to pause IPL 2021 for some time. The IPL 2021 has started on 9th April and after several matches, some skippers found breaching bubble and some of them found COVID-19’ve at the same time. So after seeing all these circumstances after a month, BCCI has again decided to re continue IPL 2021. The IPL 2021 Schedules are to be released. BCCI has officially released new schedules, according to IPL 2021 schedules the remaining matches will start on 19th September 2021 and the final match on 10th October.

IPL 2021 Schedule, Venue, Dates, Points Table

According to the new schedule of IPL 2021, the remaining matches will start from 19th September and will end on 10th October. The remaining matches of IPL 2021 will be played according to pre-decided fixtures, as some early matches were played in India. IPL 2021’s remaining matches will be played in Dubai and UAE. Now let’s look at the venue, dates & points table of IPL 2021.

IPL 2021 New Venue l IPL 2021 Schedule

As we discussed earlier, BCCI has decided to continue the remaining IPL 2021 in Dubai, so the remaining matches will be played according to previous fixtures. Complete information like in which specific venue/stadium the matches will be played in is not released yet. But soon the venue details will be released by authorities and BCCI. So let’s take a look at the assumed venue of IPL 2021.

IPL 2021 Points Table

IPL 2021 points table is here, it’s according to a total match played till May 1st, 2021. The table is based on a total of 58 matches played till May 1st. All the performances of the team till 2nd April are presented in the table below.

IPL 2021 new schedule

As you can see DC with a total of 8 matches played and won 6 of them are table-toppers following by CSK and RCB. These three teams showed the best performance in IPL 2021 so far. Sourav Ganguly has already hinted that the board will lose over Rs 2,000 crore in revenue if the IPL 2021 is canceled. That means, even the franchise and the official broadcast partner Star Sports will lose out on a big chunk of the revenue.


Overall, the 3 venues, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah would see hosting a total of 9 group stage matches each. The knockouts should see 2 matches being scheduled in Dubai and 2 matches in Abu Dhabi. The final is expected to be played in Dubai as was seen in IPL 2020. All teams would have their matches scheduled in these three locations, but the frequency may vary.
So, that completes our analysis and prediction for the schedule for IPL 2021 UAE. It is no secret that IPL is one of the most awaited tournament every year. With India struggling with pandemics currently, the IPL 2021 would bring a ray of motivation and positivity. We just hope BCCI announce their decision soon. Meanwhile, here’s the predicted schedule for IPL 2021 UAE.

Who Will Lift The Trophy Of IPL 2021

1. RCB

Taking advantages of IPL 2021 Schedule Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), the Virat Kohli-led franchise, who have been the perennial underperformers in the Indian Premier League (IPL) since the start of the league in 2008, having not won the trophy even once, have finally got their hands on that trophy.

RCB was one of the top-performing sides in the 2021 edition, continuing o their upsurge from the last season when they qualified for the playoffs after a gap of four years. The men in red and gold who had won five out of the seven games they had played before the tournament was suspended indefinitely due to a rise in the COVID-19 cases in the bio-bubble.

2. CSK

But if we take a look at the fan’s reaction, they are saying that CSK will be the 2nd contender to win IPL 2021. CSK has shown deliberate performance in IPL 2021 defeating big fighters in the league. Let’s see what can IPL 2021 Schedule give to CSK.

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