iPhone SE 3 2021 | iPhone SE 3 launch date | Specs May Shock You

iPhone SE 3 2021 | iPhone SE 3 launch date

iPhone SE series is best known for giving IOS experience at an affordable price. iPhone SE 2 was released in 2020 with low specs and reasonable price, with all of these fans, got crazy and made iPhone SE 2 a major success in its price range.

Due to the impressive response of the iPhone SE 2, Apple is all set to launch its sequel device, the iPhone SE 3 at the end of 2021. iPhone SE 3 will compete in the upper midrange section and give tough competition to companies like One+, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo. If you are an iPhone geek and want to know more about the upcoming iPhone SE 3 buckle up and get ready to know what iPhone SE 3 may bring within it.

Apple iPhone SE 3

Apple iPhone SE 3 Display l iPhone SE 3 Specs

According to reports, the iPhone SE 3 will include an OLED display, which will be a substantial improvement above the existing LED-backlit IPS LCD screen. The 430ppi saturated pixel density and 1080 x 2340 pixel screen resolution guarantee enhanced visual quality.

Apple will stay with the traditional design for the SE 3, according to some reputable rumors. According to them, the cheap iPhone would have a 5.5-inch screen with top and bottom bezels. It will also have an iconic home button.

Apple iPhone SE 3 Camera | iPhone SE 3 2021

Some tech enthusiasts suggest that iPhone SE 3 can also come with a single-camera setup like iPhone SE 2. But if we see the current scenario of smartphones, every smartphone whether it’s midrange or flagship comes with at least 2 cameras. iPhone SE 3 may come with a back camera set-up of 12MP+7MP, and It is believed to contain either a 5MP or a 7MP selfie camera.

Apple iPhone SE 3 Storage and RAM | iPhone SE 3 2021

The iPhone SE 2021 will be available in three storage capacities: 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB, according to rumors. The phone is also believed to contain 3 GB of RAM. 3 GB RAM will be more than enough to keep the smartphone running smoothly, given how efficient iPhones have always been.

Apple iPhone SE 3 Battery l iPhone SE 3 Specs

One of the iPhone SE 2020 drawbacks was its limited battery capacity (1,821mAh). When most smartphones have a powerful 4000mAh battery, anything less than a 2500mAh battery appears inadequate.

It’s commonly assumed that Apple will remedy this flaw in the next model. The iPhone SE 3 is rumored to have a 2300-2500mAh battery that may last a full day of typical use. While a 3000mAh battery would have been preferable to provide consumers more hours of gaming and video streaming, anything around 2500mAh would do, given how energy-efficient iPhones are.

Apple iPhone SE 3 5G Compatibility l iPhone SE 3 Specs

 Apple finally implemented 5G across all iPhone models, the iPhone SE 3 5G appears to be a foregone conclusion. The SE 2021 might be the answer for those looking for a reasonably priced 5G-enabled iPhone.

Apple iPhone SE 3 Price in India | iPhone SE 3 Launch Date

iPhone SE 2 is aggressively priced at ₹44,999. Knowing the mind-blowing response that the device received, we can also expect that Apple to follow the same trend with the upcoming phone. If that happens, iPhone SE 3 will be available for the starting price of ₹44,999.

iPhone SE 3 Release Date | iPhone SE 3 2021

Initially, rumor mills had predicted that iPhone SE 3 will see the light of the day at the much-awaited March event. But, that was not to be. Now, various reports suggest that the tech giant is geared up to unveil the budget iPhone on 23 December and subsequently launch it in several countries including India within a week.

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