Top 10 Popular Health Benefits of Turmeric

Know some of the most Interesting Facts and Health Benefits of Turmeric.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Botanical Name – Curcuma Longa ( Latin Name ).

Other Names – Haridra in Sanskrit, Haldi in the Northern part of India, Manjal in the Southern part of India.

Family – Zingiberaceae.

AboutTurmeric is Native to South and Southeast Asia, it has been known for its medicinal qualities and helped humanity more than over 5000 years back.

Use of Turmeric – Turmeric has been used in food to add color and taste as well as for its many more health benefits. it also has been used for skincare, healing wounds and getting rid of skin infections.

It can be used both in powder form and paste form depending upon the user and the situation.

Vitamins – Turmeric contains many vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Sodium, Zink and many more.

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Turmeric Farming:

  • Turmeric plantation happens between April to July (Pre-monsoon period, plantation time may differ from place to place). It requires humid climate conditions between 20 – 30 Degrees Celsius of atmospheric condition to grow better.
  • The Soil needs to be rich and friable, little more sandy soil and an open field will be considered as a better condition for it.
  • The Rhizomes should be planted 6 – 7 cm deep, with a minimum distance of 20 – 30 cm maintained between plant to plant. The plants grow up to 1 meter. Rhizomes are possibly harvested after 7 to 10 months of planting.

Tips for Using Turmeric in Your Cooking:

  • The kitchen is the place where either we create our health or destroy our health, with cooking and eating food off-course.
  • Half of a tea spoon adding to your food is enough for 5 to 6 family member.
  • Turmeric can be used in curry, tea, milk or any other dishes.
  • Turmeric often has been used in cooking for taste, adding color to food and most importantly for our health benefits.

Health benefits of Turmeric:

  • In Ayurveda Turmeric has been used for more than over 5000 years back for many health benefits like skincare, cure to skin disease, cure to infection, and cure to the wounds.
  • It has been used to drink with warm water or milk or added to food to get a healthier physical system with stress-free and full of energy.
  • Daily consumption of turmeric can be beneficial to significantly decrease the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease and cancer.

Turmeric Milk Benefits:

  • Turmeric Milk highly beneficial for reducing pain and swelling.
  • It helps to boost immunity and can be used as a cure for common cold and seasonal flu.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer because of its powerful antioxidant properties.
  • It helps to develop new cells in your system which helps your skin to healthy for a long term.
  • It is helpful for you digestion.

The Role of Turmeric in Cultural Celebrations:

Particularly in India culturally in marriages and in many pujas Haldi ( Turmeric) is considered pure and holy. So it has been devotionally used for Mangal ( For good fortune and well beings) from ages.

Turmeric Side Effects:

  • Turmeric does not affect your system badly unless you have certain disease where taking turmeric is prohibited or it has been consumed too much.
  • Taking too much of it may causes liver damages and increase the risk of kidney stone formation.
  • Turmeric may cause infertility in a men.
  • High amount of turmeric consumption may lead to Iron deficiency.

How much is healthy ?

  • 1 pinch or 1 very small spoon of turmeric with warm water or tea or with milk in a daily basis would be considered as healthy for you.

When and who should not consume turmeric ?

  • If you are a Diabetics patient ( take turmeric only after your doctor’s permission ).
  • If you or your dear ones are in the stage of pregnancy and breast feeding ( consume with food is fine ).
  • If you are a GERD ( Gastroesophageal reflux disorder ) Patient.
  • If you have Gallbladder problems.

Top 10 popular facts and health benefits of turmeric.

  1. The scientific name/ Botanical name/ Latin name of Turmeric is Curcuma Longa, which belongs to the Zingiberaceae family.
  2. In Sanskrit it is called Haridra, In the northern part of India it is called Haldi, In the southern part of India, it is called Manjal.
  3. India is the largest producer of Turmeric and it has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine for more than 5000 years back.
  4. Turmeric has many health benefits like skincare, healing wounds, curing skin infections and many more.
  5. It can also be eaten which leads to internal health benefits like detoxification of the body, improve immunity, healthy digestion and many more.
  6. It reduces stress and helps you to be energetic.
  7. Turmeric has natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. It is a natural product with maximum health benefits without any side effects if it can be consumed and applied in a proper manner.
  9. It can be used as powder or paste. Turmeric consumption can reduce the risk of Heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Liver disease, cancer and many more.
  10. The Turmeric Plant Grows up to 1 meter which served humanity pretty well from ages, serving still now, and will serve in the future as well.


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