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Why digital marketing is essential for startups


Pocket-friendly internet plans and ease of access to computers, and the overall concept of digitalization, have ensured that the technological revolution is here to stay. We have shifted from pagers and fixed lines to portable computers and smartphones. Blogging and microblogging sites, emails, and social media have become a part of our daily routine.

Businesses have also started creating an online presence to interact with their existing and potential consumers. A bricks-and-mortar model has now shifted to a clicks-and-mortar and cloud-based model for targeting existing and new clients. However, despite all the positives, the ease and availability of technology have started creating cut-throat competition in the quest for becoming industry leaders.

Organizations have two options while setting up an online presence. Either they go with their in-house marketing teams or outsource the job to a professional brand marketing and advertising agency.

According to New World’s The Future is Virtual, more than 1,600 tech startups were founded in India alone in 2020, making it the third-largest tech startup hub in the world.


Usually, startups tend to give lesser importance to their digital presence and focus more on selling and developing. Digital marketing for startups is a crucial part of their expansion strategy and should be of equal importance. From generating leads to closing sales, from increasing awareness to interacting with potential clients, Brand Marketing and Advertising Agency helps do everything.

Startups are at constant war with each other and competing with numerous promotional campaigns from centuries-old, industry-dominant giants with established and loyal customer bases.

Diverting consumer eyes away from these large, established and known corporate entities with an unknown and unproven product is an uphill task. But the power of marketing can help overcome this hurdle.

Non- tech-based startups usually have a few solid ideas and policies in place for all their marketing needs of the future and plans to go to market. Technology-focused startups, however, are usually the ones that have a more tedious process. The development cycle involves constant changes to the final product or service, hence they cannot formulate any form of marketing or branding strategies until they have a product ready.

Companies investing large amounts of money in their social media campaigns and various other marketing and communication channels in the digital arena are also reaping superior rewards.

Marketing is dynamic and is dependent on the business requirements and buyer persona. Social Media Management (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO, affiliate marketing, Email marketing are few prominent strategies that assist in the growth of startups.

Digital marketing and advertising agency

The Need

Why should a startup invest in and focus on Brand Marketing and Advertising Agency.

Multiple reasons encourage digital marketing for startups:-

  1. Creating Brand Awareness:- The main aim of going digital is to educate and inform the consumers about the products. Creating a positive image in front of potential clients is the first step in selling a product or service. Buyers are highly likely to go to the brand that first comes to their mind when making purchase decisions. With a digital presence, one can reach out to and interact with people sitting across the globe.

  1. Generating Leads:- For any business to thrive, generating qualified leads is a must. A digital presence gives a cost-effective way to do so. It further helps in understanding the quality of leads better. Within seconds one can choose their target audience based on their likes and preferences and past buying behaviors while sitting miles away. Digital marketing firms help in optimizing social media profiles to get more organic leads. The quality of these leads can then be measured and refined with analytics.

  1. Cost-Effective:- Digital marketing for startups is one of the most cost-effective ways to spread awareness. With concepts such as Pay Per Click and SMM, the cost of reaching out to different demographics reduces. Reduced costs help in gaining an edge over other marketing channels. Lesser expenditure is something that a startup would need to grow and sustain in highly competitive markets. Digital marketing helps bring them one step closer to target audiences through daily groundbreaking developments.

  1. It is a cohesive strategy:- Marketing is now no longer limited to selling products and services. It is now a brand-building process envisioned by new-age entrepreneurs, individuals who want to see their brand stand tall amidst competition.

Contrary to traditional single-channel marketing strategies, Brand Marketing and Advertising Agency helps brands in growing and sustaining by delivering an omnichannel customer experience with a technology that automates processes, has personalized interactions, and coordinates actions.

Digital Marketing for startups helps in operating on multiple platforms at the same time. It also assists in reaching everyone at every corner of the globe. Be it content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing or targeted ads. Marketing research shows that over 65 percent of consumers are inclined to purchase in association with a well-planned email campaign.

  1. Provide Value. :- Scientia potentia est is Latin for knowledge is power. Providing the audience with information ensures that they come back for more. Digital marketing is an excellent method as the audiences can be provided constantly with value even if they are not actively buying anything. Continually providing value helps create a higher engagement as people pay attention to what’s being sent to them, and the ROI increases.

Wrapping Up

It’s common knowledge that having multiple engagement channels helps marketers target their audience, but finding the ‘best ones’ is not easy. A report published by The Radicati Group states that roughly 306.4 billion emails were received and sent each day till October 2020. It also predicted that this figure is going to go over 361.6 billion daily by 2024. These emails could be promotional, newsletters, work-related, new product launches and many more. According to a study, a working American professional spends 5 hours a day checking their emails.

To sum up, digital marketing is the golden horse that leads any startup to a path of growth. This growth happens because businesses can introduce themselves and expand in global markets. As audiences and customers start exploring options online, organizations should also be online to reach and interact with them. Marketing is not about the customers finding businesses, but the opposite. Keeping this philosophy as the core business value and investing in it with digital marketing (Brand Marketing and Advertising Agency) helps in reaching out to clients.

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