5 Best Winter Flowering Plants In India l Best Winter Flowers In India

5 Best Winter Flowering Plants In India

Q. Why to plant flowers in Winter ?

The weather of India is mostly warm and hot but at end and beginning of the year India feels cold. In the month of December, January and February to decorate your garden let’s discuss  some best winter flowering plants in India. So don’t miss an opportunity to grow some best winter flowering plants to get best winter flowers in India. You can also know about top rainy season fruits here.

1. Dahlia l winter flowering plants in India

winter flowering plants in india

Dahlia is an annual plant and come with multiple varieties depending upon color and size. You can plant Dahlia if you can take a little care of it and if the weather is not too much breezy around you. The tubers may be taken out in the fall, preserved through the winter, and planted again the following spring. Dahlias are not biennial flowers. They re-sprout from their subterranean tubers each year in their natural warm environment, blooming. Dahlia is commonly planted all over the country and also considered as one of the best winter flowering plant in India.

2. Calendula l winter flowering plants in India

Calendula, better known as Genda-ful in India and Marigold in all over world, is also considered as the best winter flowering plant in India. Calendula survives tough winters in India and unlike Dahlia it can also resist windy weather. Antifungal and antibacterial properties of the plant aid in infection prevention and tissue healing. Calendula also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may aid in the battle against cancer, the prevention of heart disease, and the relief of muscular tiredness. You can plant this pretty yellow flower in your garden as a winter flower in India.

3. Daffodils l winter flowering plants in India

Daffodil also known as Narcissus are also much famous in India for planting in winter. With a little care and in a fertile soil you can plant this beautiful flower in your garden. Daffodil comes with various colors like white, yellow and pink. Depending on the region and crops, it might take anything from six weeks to six months. Allow the daffodil plant to rebuild its bulb after flowering so that it can bloom again the following year. Daffodil is also considered as one of the best winter flowering plant in India.

4. Cornflower l winter flowering plants in India

Cornflower is a multipurpose use flower used as both decorations at places and as garnishing in foods. During the chilly months, they will establish strong roots, helping them to produce larger plants — spring-sown cornflowers may grow up to 90cm, while autumn-sown plants grow to 1-1.5m and blooming six weeks sooner. They need a bright, open location with poor soil. This beautiful blue flower can survive freezing and can be grown easily in your garden. Wondering about sesame-oil- alternate, check here if you want.

5. Pansy l winter flowering plants in India

Pansies are the winter- growing plants that can survive even in freeze. Their butterfly-shaped flowers are beautiful and are available in many colors. Because pansies thrive in cold climates, they are typically planted in the spring or fall. They like full sun or moderate shade, as well as a well-drained, high-organic-matter soil. These low growing plants can grow well without sunlight, adding more to the cheery of your garden.

More About Winter Gardening l winter flowering plants in India

With winter upon us, we typically feel a little down in the dumps. We may even complain of having cabin fever. So this is the perfect time to start preparing your lawn and garden supply needs. After all, there is no better feeling than being outside tending to your lawn and garden on a warm spring day winter flowering plants in India.

First you need a plan of action. What is the condition of your gardening tools? It’s time to take stock of all your gardening equipment and see what kind of condition they are in. Take a look at your garden hoes, leaf rakes, shovels, and spades. Do you need to sharpen your garden tools? What is the condition of the handles? Are they ready to use or do they need to be replaced. winter flowering plants in India.

Next, your lawn and garden irrigation needs? What is the condition of your water hoses, nozzles and sprinklers? Have you given any thought on a drip irrigation systems for your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens? This is a great way to save you time and help reduce your water bill.

Now that you have a list of your needs, it is time to put your plan into action. A good place to start is by visiting your local home and garden center or go to a home and garden show. These are great places to get new ideas and to see what is new in the gardening market. But be careful, you may have the urge to buy something, so stop and think. It’s best if you take notes on the things you see and like, then go home and compare your notes to your current inventory of lawn and garden supplies.

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